Safety Implications for Members and Guests

Safety Implications for Members and Guests

Low water level fishing access advice

The prolonged drought has lowered water levels to the point where access to the water has become restricted. Mindful of the risks associated with soft silt, slippery mud and very steep, sudden changes in slope (drop-offs), John Arrowsmith has got together with a couple of members and produced the following risk assessment for the known fishing points around the reservoir:

> 1 and 2 Tower / Sailing Club Low/Medium Risk.

> 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Quarry/Key Hole / Fallen Tree / Larder = High Risk ( 5 is High Risk because lots of Holes been dug around Cafe / Goyts Bridge Farm

> 7 Bens Meadow = Very High Risk (bank collapsed River Goyt)

> 8 / 9 Duffers = High Risk

> 10 Shooters Clough = High Risk

> 11 West Bank Shooters to midway North = Low Risk.

> 12 South of Gilmans to Monument = High Risk.

> 13 Monument = Low Risk.

> 14 Out of Bounds
> Monument = low risk.

Obviously the colours on the map should be self explanatory.

Please read the notes against the illustration and always engage common sense on the bank: if it looks soft and slippery, it probably is...